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Advantages of Installing Soapstone Countertops

There are many materials of varying qualities and characteristics that have been used over time as countertops. One of the most preferred and exceptional material used in countertops is soapstone. There are many other materials such as granite, marble, quartz, and slate, but soapstone is miles ahead when it comes to that milky look and homely feel that it brings to the counter. Whether you are building from scratch or your want to resurface your counters, soapstone should be your number one choice due to its many benefits as compared to other materials. Outlined below are some of the benefits of soapstone countertops.

Always take the durability of the materials you are considering for your countertop as a matter of extreme importance. Do not choose a material due to its hardness because for instance, granite is very hard, but very brittle. Although it is not very hard, soapstone is very pliable. This means that it is not easily cracked by extra weight placed on top or stress. Another factor that makes soapstone a darling of many people is its highly non-porous trait. Some materials require lots of sealants unlike soapstone. In case liquids such as oil and gravy happen to pour on the counter, staining is very much unlikely.

Everyone desires to make a fashion statement in the kind of countertops that are in their homes. That is why you should consider soapstone regardless of the design you intend to create. Soapstone is renowned and reputed for its versatility, thus it is very easy to mould them into whichever design you desire. Whether it is a conventional, modern, or even eclectic design that you want to adorn your counter, you will never go wrong with this material.

If you have an aesthetic streak, then you will love what soapstone countertops will do to your house. Soapstone is very unique in appearance and it is rare to find two slabs that are exactly alike. This is important to avoid finding a similar looking countertop in another residence. This material has an exceptional look with its magnificent colors ranging from pure white, charcoal gray, pale green among many other colors. This means that you will be spoilt for choice when choosing and you will have magnificent countertops.

Some countertop materials including marble are highly prone to damage from a variety of substances. You may find that it is inevitable that one time or another, lemon juice, wine, or any other acidic liquid may be poured on the counter. Soapstone is a favorite of many kitchens and restaurants, not to mention wives because it is impervious to such liquids. You can place very hot pots and pans on the counter without damaging the surface. When you need a countertop that can be cleaned easily without much trouble, opt for soapstone countertops. In case you have been wondering what material to use for your countertop, then you are now knowledgeable about soapstone countertops.

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